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I like looking back, remembering. I would love to be able to remember loved ones so exactly that it would be like opening a window in time and visiting the past for a while. Inevitably, details elude me. I am acutely aware of how much my effort to recall leads me to transform instead, to fill in the blanks of what is lost forever. 


Loss is inherent to any change. This includes the passing of time.


My drawings and sculptures explore the space in my mind between the present and the past. These media lend weight to my fleeting memories.


My sculpture gives them a space to occupy, to share, and forces them to negotiate their many, and sometimes divergent, iterations. I work primarily in plaster and wood, both materials that hold the marks of moments past.


Pointillism is a drawing technique that lends itself particularly well to exploring memories. It consists in a multitude of marks in time, which only tell a story with the perspective of distance. Lines assert, points suggest.


My works are an effort to articulate, in the physical, the transformative act that is remembering. They speak to how the past, as we recall it, connects us to those we love and ultimately writes the narrative of our lives.

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